In The Heart Of The City

What can it be better than ending a long and busy week of learning, exploring and meeting with top travel experts at Corroboree West 2019, you ask?  Spending the next five days in Tasmania!

First stop Hobart, a city filled with picturesque sandstone buildings, galleries, chic cafes, farmers markets and the distinctive smell of fresh seafood.

If you have never heard of Hobart then you are in for a big surprise. Hobart is Australia’s second oldest city and the capital city of Tasmania and even though is not the biggest of cities by Australian standards, there is plenty to do.

The city’s backdrop is 1,270 m-high Mount Wellington, with sweeping views, plus hiking and cycling trails, walkable cities centered around a harbor full of culture, history, food and natural beauty – Hobart has a little of everything for everyone!

Pauline’s first stop and ‘home’ for the next three days will be Ibis Styles Hobart, which is the biggest hotel in Tasmania with 296 rooms. Surrounded by shops and restaurants in the city center. The hotel is colorful and just a 10 minute walk from the Salamanca Arts Center, the beautiful Hobart waterfront and almost 12 miles from the airport.


She will be dinning at Mr. Good Guy, an award winning Hobart restaurant and bar, specialized in Southeast Asian flavors. Did I mention colorful?


After a good night’s sleep, and breakfast at the RACV/RACT Hobart Apartment Hotel Pauline will take a walk to the famous Tasmania Farm Gate Market located in the Center of Bathurst Street and Murray Street.  The Farm Gate is Hobart’s weekly farmers’ market showcasing and selling direct from farmers and producers to the public fresh and seasonal Tasmania fruit and vegetables, artisan cheeses, bakery items, world class seafood, hormone free beef, rabbit, goat, Tasmanian wines and specialty beverages, locally roasted coffee beans, herbal teas and much more.

The Farm Gate Market will be celebrating its 10 year anniversary this October 20th. A little market with a BIG but simple and honest philosophy that is still holds true today:

That if it wasn’t from Tasmania, and if you couldn’t eat it, drink it, grow it or meet the producer, then you wouldn’t find it at Farm Gate. 


Rising 1,270 m above Hobart’s wide harbor, Mt. Wellington provides a wilderness experience within 10 minutes of the city and is much loved by the locals. The 13 mile drive to the summit climbs from temperate rain forest to sub-alpine and glacial formations, ending of panoramic view of Hobart and the Tasman Peninsula.


Pauline will spend the afternoon at the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) located within the Moorilla winery on the Berriedale peninsula in Hobart. It is the largest privately funded museum in the Southern Hemisphere. With around 300 art works on display, the collection takes up three floors within a subterranean architectural masterpiece and is guaranteed to impress.


And after a jam-packed weekend, a nice dinner at one of Hobart’s iconic restaurants. Referred as A Hidden Gem, Peacock and Jones, is tucked away in an old sandstone warehouse on Hunter’s Street on Hobart’s waterfront.  This restaurant will surely meet all your expectations and more. But what can great food be without a fine wine?  Whatever they are cooking, they got the right wine to make it shine.

Dining is not just about the food or the wine….It’s an EXPERIENCE.


The island of Tasmania is as intimate as is beautiful. And you couldn’t go back home without exploring Tasmania’s most visited attractions.  Here are some of the tours that Pauline was invited to attend by Tourism Tasmania:

  • Three Hour Wilderness Cruise Tour: Tasman Island Cruise

Travelling between Port Arthur and Eaglehawk Neck, this eco-cruise lets you see a wide variety of marine life, from seals to seabirds while enjoying the towering sea cliffs of Tasman Island and Cape Pillar.

  • Visit to Port Arthur Historic Site

One of Australia’s leading historic sites, the Port Arthur penal settlement used to confine 12.700 habitual offenders between 1830 and 1877. The Tasman Peninsula provided a natural penitentiary, with only a narrow strip of land connecting it to mainland Tasmania. The site has a new world-class visitor center, a restaurant and a more than 30 historic buildings and ruins as well as beautiful gardens.

mobile banner guard tower

  • Shene Estate Historic Site

This iconic convict-forged property is home to the Hobart Polo Club, the Shene Estate Distillery (producing Poltergeist Gin and triple distilled Mackey Single Malt Whisky) and the Kernke Family.  Shene Estate & Distillery prides itself on being a historic site with modern ideas. Family members conduct tours by appointment sharing the property’s convict past, its links to the royal family and what daily life is like living and working in a living museum. 

  • Elizabeth Town Cafe: Tea anyone?

This licensed café and bakery is near Elizabeth Town, mid-way between Launceston and Devonport. It’s open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The focaccias are popular. So too the pies. The truffle and beef, and the chicken and Camembert pies are made to the owner’s recipe. 


  • Devils @ Cradle

The focus of the 90 minute tour is the social interactions and feeding habits of the endemic Tasmanian Devil. The 5:30 pm tour runs all year. The After Dark tour operates from 8:30 pm and environmentally sensitive lighting allows these nocturnal animals to be easily seen.   Isn’t he adorable? 


  • Visit to Sheffield and Cataract Gorge Reserve

The town of Sheffield is nestled under Mt. Roland, in Tasmania’s north-west, and is known for its series of colorful murals telling the story of the district’s pioneers and wilderness explores.

The gorge’s powerful presence can affect people deeply and it has been recognized as a sacred and healing place by Tasmanian Aborigines for thousands of years. The 160 ha reserve has a fascinating mix of nature and heritage, with cliff grounds, Victorian gardens, bush lands, walking trails, the swift-flowing South Esk River, a historic suspension bridge, the world’s longest single-span chairlift and an art deco-style swimming pool- and in the heart of Launceston. 



There’s not doubt that there is nothing like Australia. It’s aquatic and coastal landscapes, its sophisticated food and wine and welcoming and friendly people. What a great experience this was.


THANK YOU Corroboree West 2019. Until next time!

Ready, Set,…Learn!

After a day of exploring and discovering the beautiful city of Perth, it is now time to roll up the sleeves and let the workshops begin!

Days that start at 6:30 a.m. and end by 9:00 pm might not be for the faint of heart, but armed with a good pair of comfortable shoes, a notebook and a big smile, a Travel Adviser like Pauline can surely get the job done.

Today Pauline met with 36 of the top travel specialists in Australia from luxury resorts, tour and safaris to cruise lines. Here are some, to name a few:

  • Ocean Rafting & Ocean Safari
  • Daydream Island Resort


  • Pacific Hotel Cairns
  • Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures


  • Destination Gold Coast
  • WAITOC Aboriginal Tours & Experiences
  •  Australia’s Golden Outback
  • Down Under Tours Australia
  • Mackerel Island & Onslow Beach Resort
  • Caversham Wildlife Park
  • Kimberly Wild Expeditions
  • Karijini Eco Retreat
  • Willie Creek Pearls
  • Australia Coral Coast
  • and many more…

Learning can be SO MUCH FUN!





Welcome to Corroboree West 2019!

As you know, Pauline, our Aussie Specialist is currently in Australia invited by Tourism Australia and Tourism Tasmania, to attend the next 10 days at Corroboree West 2019, where she will see first-hand a range of extraordinary travel experiences and meet with top tourism operators in the travel industry.

During her visit she will get closer to spectacular destinations, unique tourism offerings and world class facilities, which will showcase why there’s nothing like Australia.


Arrived at Perth International Airport.  Corroboree West Registration at Crown Metropol Perth.


Today Pauline traveled to Perth to discover the iconic Pinnacles Desert, visit the seaside town of Cervantes and a thrilling 4WD ride through the Lancellin Sand Dunes.  She had the opportunity to marvel at the thousands of limestone pillars that dot the Pinnacles Desert- somewhat reminiscent of the rocky landscape of the moon!

Come back tomorrow for more updates on Pauline’s Aussie Adventures!



Australia is calling!

Perth, Australia

koalaOnce again, Skyland World Travel’s Aussie Specialist, Pauline will be one of the 300 specially selected cutting edge travel advisors from the UK, Europe, the USA, Canada and New Zealand at Tourism Australia’s Corroboree West trade event in Perth from 8 to 11 October 2019, followed by five days in  Tasmania for a Tasmanian Wilderness-Wildlife experience and we couldn’t be more excited.

Tourism Australia hosts Corroboree West every other year and includes a combination of training workshops and experiences exclusively for Aussie Specialists like Pauline. This year’s event will be in Perth which will provide the perfect opportunity to showcase the changing face of the city to key travel industry specialists from around the world.

If you missed Pauline’s last visit, here are some of the highlights of Corroboree West 2017:

  • A visit to d’Arenberg Wines to meet with Rachel Whitrow, Cellar Door and Tourism Manager, for the Blending Beach Experience.



Family owned and purchased in 1912, this understated winery is on top of a hill overlooking the district. The d’Arenberg label is well known with its distinctively flavored wines reflecting much of the history of the area. With Chester Osborn, fourth generation family winemaker, d’Arenberg offers a unique wine tasting experience with over 60 wines made from more than 25 grape varieties. 

  • A tour to Port Willunga Beach Rides for afternoon activities



A boutique, family owned and run business offering boutique experiences on horseback along the world-famous Port Willunga Beach. We were able to enjoy the many colors of the cliff faces, the sparkling sand and the turquoise ocean paired with world famous view of the beautiful Fleurieu Peninsula. 

  • Visit to Kangaroo Island Wilderness Tour and Seal Bay Conservation Park



Minutes from the mainland but a million miles away, Kangaroo Island is a sanctuary for wildlife and natural, rugged beauty. Kangaroo Island’s scenery is breathtaking and the home to plenty native animals including birds, tammar wallabies, short-beaked echidnas and koalas. The Sea Bay Conservation Park is home to about 1,000 Australia sea lions, or five per cent of the world total.

  • No Kangaroo Island would be complete without a trek to one of the Island’s signature landmarks, Remarkable Rocks.



It took 500 million years for rain, wind and pounding waves to create these aptly named granite boulders which are part of the Flinders Chase National Park.

  • Departure to Barossa, the heart of Australia’s wine industry, the home to gourmet delights and an area blessed with a rich cultural heritage.



A tour and wine tasting experience at Fino Seppeltsfield, First Drop a d Jacob’s Creek Vineyeard.

  • Arrival at Gorge Wildlife Park for a chance to explore the wildlife park and a koala hold experience.



The Gorge Wildlife Park opened in 1965 and is still operated by the same family. Situated on 14 acres of land, under shaded trees, paths meander among one of the largest privately-owned collection of Australian and exotic animals, birds, and reptiles in the country. Talking about a close and personal experience!

  • Meet with our Destination Gold Coast Host



Visit to Burleigh Heads National Park where ancient volcanic columns meet the sea. We were welcomed to Jellurgal, the Dreaming Mountain with a traditional Aboriginal smoking ceremony and ochre anointment. 

There’s nothing like Australia – its aquatic and coastal landscapes, its magnificent food and wine and welcoming and friendly people and much more…. SO, follow Pauline on this year’s Corroboree West 2019 adventure, and experience all Australia has to offer.



“I Can Do This On My Own”????

You’re planning this summer’s European vacation and undecided as to whether you should call your travel agent or not.  “I can do this all on my own.  I don’t need a travel agent or a tour company.  How hard could it be??”  Tell us what you think after you see this video . . .

Need we say more???? This video hits the nail directly on the head, especially when it comes to traveling to a country you’ve never been to!  Let your travel professionals take the stress out of planning (and traveling) to all those places on your bucket list.  You’ll be so glad you did!



Making Roman Footsteps

“When in Rome, do as the Romans do”.  Did you ever wonder what that truly means?

When I visited Rome a few years ago, it was my first trip to Europe and I was very excited to see what everyone was always talking about! My first experience was stepping out of the hotel with my husband and walking to the Spanish Steps nearby.  We were at the top and looking down, I was amazed at all the people, mostly, sitting on the steps, having lunch, meeting friends or loved ones, laughing and talking.  Just taking in the beautiful sunshine.  No rushing around.  No hustle and bustle.  We walked down the steps into the neighborhood to grab a slice of pizza. Rounding the corner, the smell of fresh garlic being sautéed and fresh bread baking.  I closed my eyes and drank it all in.  I was in Rome!  And we’re going back there October 9th!

Imagine exploring ancient Rome through the Circus Maximus Palatine hill with a stop at the Colosseum. If you close your eyes, you can hear the roar of the chariots and conjure up Roman soldiers sparring with lions.  Standing at the top of the Colosseum, you’ll get a tingle up your spine as the reality of the history that happened below begins to hit your senses.  It’s truly amazing. . .

Enjoy your first afternoon on your own exploring or we can arrange an optional tour of the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel so that you skip the long entry line and discover the artistic masterpieces inside, including Michelangelo’s famed ceiling. When I saw the Sistine Chapel for the first time, I stood in awe trying to capture all of into my memory.  You CANNOT take any pictures of it as the flash from your cameras has been causing the deterioration of it over time.  The Security Guards are on their game in guarding this beautiful artistic buffet, so don’t even try to sneak it in.  They become quite offended.  This is their history and heritage and you need to respect it.

In the evening, we begin our culinary adventure on a walking tour of Campo dei Fiori, Trastevere, the historical Jewish Ghetto, and Piazza Navona. During tonight’s tour you will meet vendors, taste local specialties and live the ambiance just like a Roman.  Rounding out the night’s fun, a stop at a famous local Gelateria for delicious artisanal gelato.  And I can assure that what you thought was gelato in the United States is nothing like true gelato in Italy  So many flavors and combinations and so little time!

This is the first of the culinary “footsteps” we’ll be taking beginning on October 9th of this year . . . stay tuned for our next stop on this 10 day tour! Ciao! 



What Are You Waiting For??


On January 2nd of this year, we lost a very dear friend of 30+ years.  We went to his house for a New Year’s Eve Party, just as we had done alternately for the last 25 years, only to hear from his daughter that her mom was following him in the ambulance on his way to the ER.  They thought he had the flu and just needed fluids.  He had endocarditis, a strep virus that was attacking his heart, producing multiple heart attacks, strokes, and then organ failure.  He was a very young, active 75.  And we are all devastated by his loss.

You’re now asking “WHY is she sharing this sad story with us?”  And my question to you now is “WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??”

What is keeping you from taking that bucket-list vacation?  What is holding you back from going somewhere that you’ve always dreamed of?  Is it that you don’t want to plan too far in advance, what if something happens?  That’s what trip insurance is made for!  (It isn’t just for medical reimbursement anymore.)  Is it that your kids are still young and in school?  You only have 18 summers of your life to travel with your kids while they are young (and possibly still want to travel with you!).  That’s not a lot of summers in the grand scheme of things. And with the help and guidance of a professional travel agent, you can plan those trips that will give you and your family the memories of a lifetime, without all the stress and worry.  The Agent takes that worry and stress away from you and will be there through all of it with you, as well as waiting patiently till you get back to regale the beautiful and funny experiences you shared!  WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR???

Are you waiting till you retire and can travel with your spouse or significant other without having to worry about returning to work?   What happens if you retire and like so many other people we hear about, suddenly fall ill and can’t travel?  WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR???


My point for all of this is that life is way too short to dream about all the places in the world you’ve always wanted to go to and NEVER making those dreams a reality.  If you keep waiting, you may never get there.  And I can assure that there were places our friend would have loved to go to, but kept putting off for various reasons.  Life has a funny way of smacking us in the face with reality, so why not take the plunge and plan that bucket list trip???  Call your travel consultant and let them show you how easy it is!


Packing 101 – Did you forget something?


Packing for that family holiday trip to Grandma’s or Aunt Josie’s?  Or maybe you’re getting away to an island to escape the holiday rush? Boarding a cruise ship to let all your cares float away? Beginning the year by checking off a country on your bucket list?

No matter where you are heading, you will definitely want to print out the packing list contained in the link below.  It is the ULTIMATE checklist for packing.  Even if you don’t need everything on there, once you’re back from your trip, cross out what you didn’t need or use and keep it for your next packing adventure!  Either way, GET AWAY, and enjoy life!  Happy Holidays to all!






Merry Thanksmas!!!


Merry Thanksmas! Grab Some Sweet Deals in the In-Between Holiday Time.

Have you ever considered a non-Holiday holiday? With November, December, and January stuffed with Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year’s, sometimes it doesn’t occur to people to take a break around this time.

But in the travel industry, the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and the week after New Year’s, are considered “dead weeks,” with a big drop in demand. And in the travel market, a drop in demand = a great time to grab a fantastic deal on a trip. So if you have some flexibility in your holiday plans — or better yet, if you have adventurous family members who would love an unusual way to spend this time together — then put us on the hunt for some fabulous last-minute bargains and pack your bags.

Go off-peak for bigger savings. The days right before and right after major holidays tend to be the busiest (and most expensive), so opt for off-peak and you can save considerably, sometimes 25-50% off.

Off-peak savings also apply to destinations, not just travel times. Consider this advice from Tim Leffel, author of The World’s Cheapest Destinations:

Cities that regularly host conventions can be good places to find last-minute hotel deals over the holidays. Sometimes you can find a last-minute deal in cities like Orlando or Las Vegas just because there are so many hotels to fill and no conventions going on (at this time of year).

And for beachside lounging, don’t limit yourself to Florida. Consider sandy (and cheaper) spots in other warm destinations along the Georgia and Texas coastlines, including towns like Tybee Island near Savannah and Galveston. Many hotel rooms in Galveston sell at or below $100 per night in November and December.

Consider a vacation rental. Especially at resorts, prices can be as steep as the slopes. If you’re willing to drive a few extra minutes, you can often rent a larger space for much cheaper. There are hot deals available on luxury apartments, homes, condos, and cottages. Other advantages: your own space, more room for larger families or groups, no noisy hotel patrons to keep you up. (For help scouting out the perfect space for your family or group, schedule a phone chat with me by replying to this email.)


Don’t rule out Europe for a pre- or post-holiday escape. author Valerie Connors says, “During the winter, roundtrip flights to Europe can be as much as 20% cheaper than during summer months, when hordes of travelers descend on popular European cities like Paris, London and Rome. In winter these same cities can be blissfully quiet, with short or no lines to enter major attractions like the Louvre or St. Peter’s Basilica.” Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it?

Don’t be afraid of traveling during the Holiday season — when you know where the deals are, the holidays can be better than ever!

Working with a Travel Professional is one of the best ways to get the most value on your dream vacation!  We would love to help you plan your perfect getaway this Holiday season.  Fill out the comment section below to schedule a “Let’s Get Acquainted Session” with us today. Or visit our website, for more vacation ideas to start your year off right!

From all of us at Skyland World Travel, we wish all of you a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and a happy, healthy, prosperous New Year!!






Do I REALLY NEED Travel Insurance??

We hear it many times when consulting with clients about an important family vacation, a couple’s weekend, a business trip, etc.  “Why spend the extra money?” “What if nothing happens, and I don’t use it?”  But what IF something does happen?  What IS the plan?

From AIG Travel Guard, here are the top 10 reasons why you need travel insurance:

  1. “It’s 10 p.m. and you and your immediate family arrive at the airport for a connecting flight, only to find that your flight has been cancelled. Who can assist you with finding new flights to get everyone home?”
  2. “Your bag was lost with your insulin inside. You need help to locate your bag as soon as possible and have your emergency prescription filled. Who do you call?”
  3. “Your first visit to Europe, and your passport and wallet are stolen. Where do you turn for assistance in obtaining emergency cash, and how will you get your passport replaced?”
  4. “You’re involved in an accident and adequate medical treatment is not available. Who will help coordinate a medical evacuation?”
  5. “If your sister-in-law becomes seriously ill and you must cancel your trip, what happens to your non-refundable deposits or pre-payments?”
  6. “You arrive in Jamaica and your luggage doesn’t. If it’s lost, who will help you find it? If it’s delayed who will reimburse you for covered necessities? If it’s stolen, who will reimburse you for its contents?”
  7. “Your cruise line, airline or tour operator goes bankrupt. Who will pay for your non-refundable expenses? Who is able to assist in getting you to your destination?”
  8. “You’re walking down a street in Rio and twist your ankle. Who is able to assist you in finding an English-speaking physician?”
  9. “Three weeks before your scheduled arrival, a terrorist incident occurs in the city to which you are planning to visit. Who will reimburse you if you want to cancel your trip?”
  10. “You are at a beach resort in North Carolina, and you are forced to evacuate due to a hurricane which has made your resort uninhabitable. Who can assist you in being evacuated? Who will reimburse you for your lost vacation investment?”

These questions are answered simply by contacting the 24 hour toll free number for the insurance company to get the help you need as quickly as possible.  And, of course, contact your travel agent so they can assist you as well. They always have shortcuts and tips to help you. Please be sure to discuss the coverages of the policy with the insurance company, because each policy does not automatically include “Cancel for Any Reason” coverage and that is very important.

So, do you REALLY NEED travel insurance??  Absolutely!